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Cope Supply Inc. stocks High Quality Power Products and Parts for the contractor, utility, industrial and mining markets in both heat shrink and cold shrink applications.

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Photo of Terminations


Heat and Cold Shrink for Indoor and Outdoor Applications
5Kv to 46Kv Range
Non Shielded, Jacketed Concentric Neutral, and Shielded Cables
#4 to 1000mcm sizes available in single and 3 conductor

Photo of Wrap-around Heat Shrink Repair Sleeves

Wrap-around Heat Shrink Repair Sleeves

Heat Shrink,Polyolefin, Hot Melt Adhesive
Coated, Stainless Stell Locking Channel
Rated to lOOOv
Available up to 48" ( 1200mm)
Sizes 8A WG to lOOOMCM

Photo of Tubing


Heat Shrink, Polyolefin,Medium and Heavy Wall, Adhesive lined
Sizes 1/4" to 4 1/2"
Lengths 48" standard, Smaller lengths cut to order.

Photo of End Caps

End Caps

Heat Shrink, Adhesive Lined
Used to seal cable ends.
Sizes 1/4" to 4 1/4"

Photo of Cable Break out Boots

Cable Break out Boots

Heat Shrink, Adhesive Lined
Used to form watertight seal between Cable and conductors
Available in 3, 4 and 6 legs
Sizes 1/4" to 5 1/2"

Photo of Thinwall Tubing

Thinwall Tubing

Heat shrinkable Polyolefin, 2 to 1 Ratio
Sizes 1/8" to 6"
Available in 200', 100' or custom lengths.
Colors Black, White, Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Brown and Clear

Photo of Motor Connection Kits

Motor Connection Kits

1Kv and SKv, In Line and V Style
In Line 8AWG tolOOO MCM
V Style 8AWG to 750 MCM

Available upon request

Metal Enclosed ,Metal Clad 1KV , 5KV , 15KV , 35KV, and 46KV

Distribution, Polemount, Padmount, Power in Small Medium and Large

Structures and Enclosed

Indoor, Outdoor, Power Factor Correction and Harmonic Filters

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