Heat Shrink Strain Relief Wrap Around Cable Supports

This cable support, when installed, becomes an integral part of the cable jacket and therefore prevents any damage over the lifetime of the cable.

Heat shrink cable supports are suitable for the following applications:

  • Horizontal or Vertical Installations.
  • For use where load bearing of Cable is required without damage to Cable from movement or vibration, (which could happen when using steel cable grips).
  • Suitable for Fibre Optic Cable use.
  • For Load Factor of Supports see applicable Electrical Safety Authority Requirements.
  • Cable Support Wraps available in any lengths, (Standard wrap length is 10")

Cable support sleeve installation instructions:

  1. Select correct Kit size to suit Cable outside diameter.
  2. Thoroughly clean cable at point you intend to apply Heatshrink Cable. Support by using an abrasive cloth.
  3. Place Cable Support around cable and slide on SS closure rail. Apply heat along the rail before applying heat to balance. Heatshrink Cable Support evenly around cable, making sure not to overheat cable or sleeve.
  4. Wait until support is cool to touch, then, if required, remove SS rail by cutting with sharp knife below rail. The device is now ready to use.

Heat Shrink Cable Support Specifications

Size Part Number Std. Pkg. Cable Range
1 WCSS 170/35 5/Pkg. 0.60 - 1.80" (15 - 46mm)
2 WCSS 280/60 5/Pkg. 0.95 - 2.70" (24 - 69mm)
3 WCSS 360/100 5/Pkg. 1.30 - 3.60" (33 - 91mm)
4 WCSS 470/110 5/Pkg. 1.65 - 4.95" (42 - 126mm)